Thursday, April 05, 2007


Last night Katie, Jessie, Kelly and I headed to the East Brunswick Club to see Angus and Julia Stone.

After a pub meal in the front of the pub ($10 parma, can’t go wrong!!), we headed into the band room where the support act was playing. The lad playing first was such a contrast to the main act – very interesting choice. Heavier and louder than the Stones.

Angus and Julia come onto the stage, and started their set. And were so cute, and so good. A brother and sister combination, they each sing their own songs, with the other providing backing vocals. She is so cute, has such a delicate and strong voice all at the same time, and plays the piano, trumpet, and guitar.

Both seemed shy and nervous at the beginning, but eventually Julia got chatty with the crowd. Very cute, her personality bubbled over the microphone, and gave introductions to her songs.

Their set, with encore, was very cute, and they sounded as great as their EP suggests. Raw and strong. Most of the crowd knew several of their songs, which is always a good sign. An upcoming Aussie talent, who did not disappoint live.

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