Sunday, April 29, 2007

Comedy Rock

Last night Nicole, Belinda and I headed to a show for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. After Friday night drinks with my new work colleagues at The Apartment (I am working somewhere that places a credit card on the bar for these type of get togethers - I have arrived!!), I hot-footed it down to the RMIT Capitol Theatre to see Tim Minchin.

Much raved about by sisters' and friends alike, and after seeing him on Spicks And Specks, I was quite looking forward to it. And after a couple of beers, I was very much looking forward to laughing out loud for a bit! Hee hee!

Mr Minchin wandered onto stage barefoot, and opened with a mime musical set, playing drums, bass, and then the electric guitar. Done so convincingly, with a band playing somewhere behind the scenes for him. His opening song was a piss take on sad upper class people struggling to find good material - very funny. The show was titled So F**king Rock, with a catching, hilarious musical comedy song to go with it.

He also played Canvas Bags, among others, which I had heard about before going to the show - musical comedy with a message - Gold!

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