Friday, June 22, 2007

Queen Bingo

On Wednesday I was invited along to "Drag Queen Bingo" by Melissa, which sounded like a bit of fun. I met Melissa and Clinton and we had dinner at the old faithful Bing Minh in Victoria Street, before Melissa and I went along to the Terminus in Richmond for bingo.

When we got there, it was apparent that the drag aspect was not right, but the queen bit certainly was! We met Danielle, Kumi, Campbell, and Nat there and readied ourselves with drinks and bingo cards and textas!

And then the games began. Two very funny, very crude, and very gay lads ran the evening, with the calling of the numbers, the initiation of crowd participation, and the presentation of prizes.

Laughing through the whole three rounds, picking up the pace with playing 2 cards and the three, concentration on the numbers called was only part of it. Many numbers had an action, or a phase to be called out when it was announced, and the regulars knew all the calls. Things like tram numbers in Melbourne, an unhealthy obsession with Collingwood players, tributes to various Olympic games. Number 68 got a barrage of accalades, such as the year of the Moscow games, the year the Big Mac was invented, and most importantly (and chanted very loudly) the year Kylie Minogue was born! Number 39 saw a tribute to Anna Nicole, with a parady about being here for a good time not a long time, and then a pub full rendition of her "love my body" wacked out display at the MTV awards. Hilarious! I certainly had the scull at a multiple of 10 down pat fairly quickly!

I even won a round! Calling out bingo, and being interviewed up the front, I spun the wheel and won....a set of three vegetable peelers!! Wow!!! Hee hee!

Was such a fun and funny night! I definately recommend!

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