Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Visited Countries

For the last couple of years around this time, I have filled in the Visited Countries form and displayed the countries I have visited. Not so may additions since the last installment of this exercise, but still, some!

create your own visited countries map

I have added just four more countries in this last 12 months (now 27). Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain. However during this time I did pop in on several countries I had already been to, like Ireland and Sweden, and then to parts of Australia that I had yet to see.

But it's harder to travel to other countries from Australia - you need the big trip. Plus now that I have a real job, and since passing my three month probation, I will need to accumulate leave! The turmoil of a grounded travel bug!

The challenge is set!

How many have you been to?

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