Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Angus and Julia

On Thursday night Jessie, Health and I headed to The Corner, for the must anticipated gig of Angus and Julia Stone. We had been looking forward to this, their album launch since it was announced, and having got the album and loving it, we were all a buzz over dinner, and red wine.

Opening with Wasted, Julia’s voice had the crowd hush in an instant. So cute, and such a storyteller. A hairy scary, and yet so cute and sweet, Angus on guitar, the two of them had us mesmerized. Julia played piano, guitar, trumpet and harmonica throughout the night - such a talented pair!

Songs like Mango Tree, Paper Aeroplane and Private Lawns, from their EPs were hits with the crowd, however hearing a song as yet untitled that Julia wrote at a wedding they recently went to was awesome and so lovely!

Angus’ Just A Boy is so cute, so sweet!! And I love his The Beast. Hollywood, and Soldier by Julia, also favourites of mine. They even played their version of Tubthumping, originally done for Triple J’s Like a Version show, which was awesome.

The story behind Another Day, and the chatting between songs once these two shy kids warmed up was so sweet. A group to melt your heart, and bring an involuntary smile to your face……love them!

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