Saturday, October 06, 2007

Art After Dark

Jessie, Noodles and I attended the Guggenheim Collection in Melbourne last night, in it’s final days. We walked down through the city from work, across the Yarra to the National Gallery of Victoria.

The Collection was pieces from the Guggenheims around the world, but mostly from New York, and Venice, moving from the 1940s to modern.

The puzzling art, like a ‘blue curve’ being a shape of canvas painted blue, to a suspended wooden room, to a series of large orange blocks….all drew many funny comments from the people walking through.

The pop art I enjoyed the most, with a sculpture depiction of Michael Jackson and his monkey in a compromising position, use of recent advertising, the colour and piss take of much of our everyday images.

Walking through the rooms, there was one space used as an interpretation of an artist’s basement stair, the series of photos of miniature people, and then horizon landscapes, before the audio visual display. In here I sat and watch two screens at once, and then also kept my eye on the faces of people watching the screens opposite. Erotic and interpretive, these films were disturbing, and quite funny.

The last room featured a table of teeth from a range of people and animals, a hanging dummy, blood and gore, and lastly a pile of black licorice rods – of which you got to take a sample!

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