Thursday, January 17, 2008

Leilah, Dom and Jasmin, and Emy

On Saturday morning, Miss…oh! Now Mrs Leilah arrived from Sydney for the weekend, and to come to the tennis with me. We got to catch up over the weekend, having not seen her since her wedding in November. Caught up with gossip, and news, honeymoon and newly married life talk, and remembering London.

On Sunday, I ventured over to Studley Park Boathouse, to meet up with Dom and Jason, and their new little accessory (as they call her!), Jasmin Trixie. So little, and so cute, little Jazzy T was a joy for a cuddle. Good to see the new parents basking in their new adventure, and catching up with family and friends, on their quick trip home from Shanghi.

That night, Leilah and I caught up with Miss Emy at The Retreat. Drinks, and more catching up about our London days.

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