Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Season at Sarsaparilla

In an attempt to recapture the kind of spontaneity of our life in London, Miss Leilah and I decided while we were wandering around the city on Saturday that we would check if there was a show or a play we could go and see that night – just like old London town! The Season at Sarsaparilla fit the bill, playing at the Playhouse at the Arts Centre that night.

The stage was a full brick veneer house which, as the audience, we could see inside through the windows, but also through screens on the side of the stage and the aid of cameras inside. All very nosy neighbours looking in, and very voyeuristic and Big Brother.

The play, by Patrick White, was about three households within a neighbourhood. All thee households used this house on set, and were often playing their parts parallel and oblivious of each other – very clever.

Set in an Aussie suburban neighbourhood, the premise was surrounding knowing what’s going on in other people’s lives, and the sticky-beakying mentality of that environment. But also about the average Aussie suburban existence, the wear of everyday life, and the interactions with each other.

Quite good, although I think the set and the use of the house impressed us the most! After the play, we walked across the Yarra, admiring beautiful nighttime Melbourne.

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