Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Origin of Hawks

With the Hawks not in the finals series this year, watching the footy is a fascination without the emotion. Many people ask me why it is that I barrack for the Hawks, and how it is that our family (bar one), is so into it all. Last month, in the process of saying goodbye to two family members, I have discovered how it is that we see through Brown and Yellow eyes, rather than any other combination.

My Auntie Annette told me a story last month, that she had been to visit her brother, Uncle Keith, and his new wife Auntie Isabel, following their move from the country back to her home in Hawthorn - and thus she was the Hawthorn supporter. Auntie Annette told of being taken to the matches at Glenferrie Oval, and adopting the team from then on. As we said goodbye to Auntie Isabel last month, I came to realise that she was the beginning of Mum's, and in turn, our love of the Hawks.

My Uncle Donald took Mum and I to my first footy match, which I remember as a game against the Sydney Swans, at Princes Park, when I was in Grade 4. And Mum and I have been ever since! We lost Uncle Donald last month too, a top bloke, father figure, and family man. Is much missed.

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