Sunday, September 06, 2009

Silk Road

After having the magic password relayed through to me, amid work drinks, MJ, Dan, Mary and I headed over to our Project drinks destination, Silk Road. This was drawn this week, less than randomly, with Jen and co having a function on for the evening here.

Running out of beer at the office, I was on the white wine early, at the suggestion of the boss - and I blame him completely for the memory blanks and behaviour that ensued!

Walking up to the posh and pretentious establishment we had all heard much about, including the rule of no denim, and the promise of being looked up and down before being allowed entry, we were sure we wouldn't get in. Back up plans were discussed, of the several previous Project finds up this end of the city, we took a punt, and walked up to the velvet ropes.

I boldly relayed our secret passcode, and was not only shown the way in, but was supplied free drinks at the bar. This was going to be trouble! Food platters passed around, and wine glasses aloft, we made our way around the ground floor full of lawyers and accountants. Upstairs amoung the chandeliers, we found Jenny and Kate, and marveled at the function they had had a hand in.

More wine, and chatting to random people with name tags bolding stating their profession, we got to explain to this suit world that we were un-tagged free-loading ring ins. Such fun!

Getting messy, and downstairs, the free booze was out, and clearly the manners of the suits were finished too! MJ and I eventually made a run for the door, after some craziness, and popped across the road into Bank Place, and back to the Mitre Tavern. Here, I met with with Matty J, Michelle, Flash and Cassie for more drinks.

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