Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ashley and Jacki's Wedding

We were treated to a lovely beachside wedding yesterday, where Ashley and Jacki were married in Lorne. The civil ceremony was held at the bushland site next to the Surf Life Club, with the beach in front of us.

Ash in his dress lederhausen, the service was personalised with scientific references, and after the signing of the register while a flutist played, the group gathered then witnessed the Austrian tradition of the bride and groom sawing a log, using teamwork in the first task of their new life together. A surprise set up by the visiting Austrian crew, members of both families were invited to help out until the saw made it all the way through.

Champagne was served at this point, as those gathered mingled. I got to catch up with Karen and Steve, and Krishant, and Mai, and meet many more of Ash's friends.

A little later, the full gathering made it down to the sand, and walked all the way along Lorne beach, with the newlyweds leading the group. The photographer must have some amazing shots from this.

At the end of the beach, we crossed the main road, and found Ba Ba Lu. Here we were greeted with mojitos, within this quaint Spanish restaurant. With a photo montage running on the back wall, I chatted with Will for sometime, as the party started to get going. Mini tapas were also brought around, with great service all night, meaning I never ran out of wine.

Both families then made their speeches, each talking about how proud they were of this over-achieving couple, and made jokes about their meeting story. Cracks about the student becoming the master, as Ash's past thoughts on marriage were talked about, and that Jac has won him over in the end. But mostly, each parent talked of the love in the room, the role model marriages they have both come from, and their enduring relationship as they live and work so far from home at the moment.

Paella was soon served, after being cooked on the massive round grill outside, and was delicious. And very timely, given the flow of wine!

The band got the room onto the dancefloor, which lasted the rest of the night, even after the band had finished off. The dancing went on until the end of the night, for what was a really special day.

Congratulations, Ash and Jacki! Was so good to see them, and be there for their big day.

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