Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tim Minchin and the MSO

Last Friday night I drove down to Melbourne after work, and met Jessie, Health and Nicole at Republica, for a pre-show drink and dinner. We then walked along the beach road to the gorgeous Palais Theatre, to utilise tickets I had purchased way back in August.

Tim Minchin was playing a big production, with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and after arriving on stage in a cage with a track poking fun at the big pop stars of today and their big stage productions, he announced in his opening monologue that he had always believed he should be playing with the backing of a full orchestra, responding to his every whim in a musical fashion. And they responded accordingly.

Combining being behind the piano, to standing solo for song, or trying his hand at the guitar, bare-footed Tim played a mix of old and new songs. Rock n Roll Nerd among the first, and set the scene. He shared some of his life, and story of love, and then played If I Didn't Have You and a new one likening a sneaky-up kind of love to a malignant melanoma. Ha!

Some more of his opinion pieces were then added to Act 1, like the amusing Prejudice, and then the fresh Cont/Context. Discussions about science and religion, and Sam's Mum's miracle and the notion of a higher power. New song, The Fence was very good. Dark Side was in the mix, and then the beautiful new song to a baby that just won't sleep.

So very funny all the way through, and also smart and ballsy with his points of contention and arguments. Such a great show, and showman - and now an Oscar winner with his contribution as narrator on the winner of Best Animated Short Film. What an impressive talent!

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