Monday, June 13, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure

Wonderwoman by Leaf

This is a Dutch band we happened upon when we were on our weekend in Amsterdam, and were totally enchanted by the song. Charlotte and I kept it in mind for months, and I finally looked it up and downloaded it when I was home and it had just popped into my head as a random memory.

Being my entry for Day 13 for the 30 Day Song Challenge, this song is a guilty pleasure for me because, whilst I know my life isn't really boring, and I acknowledge that I get to do some bloody awesome things....I do love indulging in this track when I am not doing anything much. I hate this waiting and saving to do something amazing....and this song gets that spot on. Let along the single girl references, too!
Now why can't I be just an ordinary girl
Bread and cheese for breakfast every day

I also actually wonder sometimes why I can't be the kind of girl who is content with what every other person seems to be content with! I do wonder!
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Why’s my life so boring
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
There’s gotta be a little bit more in store for me
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Why’s my life so boring
Oh, I’m up for a little bit

Oh give me just a little bit!
Yeah I’m up for a little bit more!

(The actual clip is much more interesting, but is blocked from embedding!)

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