Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lana's Farewell

Friday night I drove down to Melbourne again, and left the car at Jessie's, before meeting Nikki to head into town. We arrived at the door of Silk Road to find our booking on the list, and thus entry into the upmarket bar with all it's chandeliers and glitz.

We were seated at our table, first to arrive, as we ordered drinks and caught up on each other's worlds. Soon we were joined by Lana, Alissa, Mary, and Bec, in quite the mini-reunion of old work times. Tapas were ordered, and I got to catch up on Lana's big Europe plans. So exciting, and I am more than a little envious!

Changing venues, we found the Red Hummingbird entrance, after a stop for snacking, to catch up with Jess, Bree and Damien, and also got to check out the baby belly! Having not been here before, surprisingly, I loved the first level up the stairs, and then the rooftop bar amid the high rise buildings.

A great night, and perhaps larger than I had thought and felt! Was great to catch up with the Melbourne work crew that I know. A big, excited good luck to Lana - can't wait to hear of the new adventures!

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