Thursday, December 08, 2011

Princess Mary in Melbourne

Two weekends ago, I stayed down in Melbourne after a gig, and awoke on the Saturday morning to rain and gloom. That did not detract from the day's plan however, as Jenny and I left the house and headed for Broadmeadows, of all places.

Here, we joined the small gathered crowd under umbrellas to catch a glimpse of the visiting Princess Mary of Denmark, who was attending to launch eSmart, a cyber-anti bullying campaign for children, as part of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, at the Hume Global Learning Centre.

As the official cars arrived, we saw Mary and husband Prince Frederik arrive, along with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Victorian Premier Ted Ballieu. Just a quick look at the Princess walking inside, before each of the guests went inside for the launch and lunch.

Jenny and I then left, to catch up over a much overdue brunch in Moonee Ponds.

Australia has definitely been aflutter about Princess Mary, and family's official visit, over the last month. And so many people have been asked why they are so enchanted, and people reply because she's beautiful, etc. Which she is. But the reason she captured my attention is the fact that she is an Aussie country girl, who has met a lad at a pub in Sydney, and married him - to become the future Queen of Denmark! She now has the joy of her 4 beautiful children, has needed to learn Danish language and culture, and lives in a gorgeous palace! The fairytale!

But in addition to this story if that fact that she is a well educated, accomplished Aussie woman, one of four children herself, Mary now has the luxury to work on meaningful projects like being the International Patron of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, and using their work to share advances in anti-bullying and child safety to school in Denmark, through programs with Save the Children. She is also patron of the Danish Refugee Council, and a host of other foundations working towards women's health issues, arts, refugee and mental health campaigns. She has also launched The Mary Foundation, focusing research, funds and best practice initiatives against bullying and domestic violence. A truly remarkable role model!


  1. Hi Tash,

    writing to you on behalf of Way to Blue Australia, we are currently working on the release of new film Young Adult. trying to send you an e-mail. if you can send me an e-mail so I can get your private address that would be great!

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hope she visit Indonesia as well to give some favor to the poor people here...

    It might all girls dream to marry a princess , but it comes with a lot of consequence.

    I've seen her photograph, yes she is really enchanting princess

  3. I really appreciate how much that blog entry detracts from the stalker aspect of our visit to Broady.


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