Sunday, December 04, 2011

Georgia Fair and Howling Bells

Walking into a near empty Karova on Friday night, Katie and I were asked for ID (!!), and then met by Melanie and Gina for our night of music. Ordering at the bar, we surveyed the handful of people sitting at the tables at the back. Pretty disappointing, given the line up.

Georgia Fair got started, to the empty space in front of them, and gave us a good run through of most of their new album. The boys were engaging nonetheless - but such a contrast gig to the album launch I went to just a few weeks ago.

The headliners for the evening then set up, and the room filled a little more. The Howling Bells' Juanita started the set by beckoning everyone up closer, which helped to fill the front of stage. Playing a mix of their new album material with their older, recognised racks, Broken Bones was played early. A Ballad For The Bleeding Hearts was amazing and Setting Sun was also a stand out of the set.

Juanita talking about playing the last song, and someone called out about it, and she admitted that yeah, they would do the song, go off, come back, and do another, so she decided to skip that silliness and just complete the last song of the set.

Given the small crowd, and the volume of wine consumed, Katie, Gina and I ended up chatting with the band afterwards, thanking them for bringing their live show to little Ballarat, and for not forgetting us. I remember recommending that they stop and take a photo with the Giant Koala on their roadtrip to their next show! Hope they did!

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