Monday, June 04, 2012

Blue Jays v Red Sox

I went along to the Rogers Centre today, to catch a baseball game, and also to catch up with Curtis. Grabbing beers and lunch, we caught up on the last how-ever-many-years since we have seen each other, since dancing at the Heart in Cambodia when I was on my way to the UK. 2005! That's a lot of time!

A strange week, and weekend, here in Toronto, the stadium had a minute silence for the victims of the shootings at the downtown mall the day before. The player who happened to be at the Eaton Center at the time of the shootings, and managed the break the story via Twitter, was actually the only baseballer on the pitch whose name I knew - and it was only because of that.

We took our seats behind the plate, on the top level, and took in the match. Played indoors with the roof completely closed given the rainy Toronto weather this weekend, the sound of the 42 000 fans ebbed and flowed with the musically prompts throughout the afternoon.

The Toronto Blue Jays are having a good season, but in this Series against the Boston Red Sox they had lost the first 2 matches of the weekend. When we arrived, the Blue Jays were several runs up, with the Sox yet to score.

Taking in the goings on of baseball, and the base of my match attendance in New York, plus Curtis having to explain some finer points, I quite enjoyed the match. There was quite of lot more mind game playing out there than I remember, with the Sox asserting themselves in many instances.

The 'Jays took the match, 5-1, making the blue-clad local crowd very happy.


  1. Somewhere, in the depths of my bedroom, I have a troll doll with bright blue hair that's wearing a Blue Jays uniform. The Skydome/whatever it's called these days was actually opened while we lived in Toronto (a millionty years ago).

    Yeah. Apparently that's all I have to offer on the subject of the Blue Jays...

    1. Ha ha, cool!

      They gave away a "Bobblehead" doll to the first patrons to the match today, a caricature of one of the players - maybe you got a first version of that! Ha!


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