Thursday, June 14, 2012


To kick off NXNE and to launch their new album, hometown band Metric put on a free show down at Sugar Beach on Monday night. I met Kylie as we both made our way south from work, and we soon found Gina perch at a good spot for the gig.

Kylie and I went in search of food, and found in this tucked away complex behind the sand of Sugar Beach, Against The Grain. Here, we managed to score a table before the rush, and took advantage of the Monday special of a burger and a pint. Perusing the menu has meant we are pretty excited to come back here over summer!

Back outside, we discover that the rain has started, and the crowd gathering for the music are now under umbrellas and soaking in some pretty steady rainfall.

However the rain did little to dampen the excitement from the decent crowd gathered to see their local band play tracks from the album they have released this week, Synthetica.

The new tracks delivered the indie rock edginess that the band is famous for, and lead Emily Haines was chatty between tracks and her synth playing. A busy band on stage, they relayed that they were excited to be doing the show, and for being in town at the start of the massive week long music festival ahead.

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