Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Garden Of Dreams

A place of tranquility and beauty was just the answer to my harrowing morning in Kathmandu visiting the temples - and I found it in the neo-classic Garden Of Dreams. Somehow in the middle of the city of pollution, traffic jams, cows meandering in the streets, and the chaos of people and noise, this little piece is spared all of that.

The Garden Of Dreams is an Edwardian inspired private garden, which features pavilions, a cafe and restaurant, and a natural amphitheatre, among gorgeously manicured plant life and water features.

Besides my first Western style meal for a couple of weeks, seated on the upstairs balcony of the cafe, the sight of this space and the cups of potted tea on offer, I could have been anywhere!

The most fascinating aspect of the visit to the Garden for me was the gallery of photos showing the rehabilitation of the garden. Pictures of a very rundown and overgrown site, and the comparison with the images of the current masterpiece was very impressive!

The Garden was mainly filled with tourists taking a break as I was, and canoodling local couples taking advantage of the many private areas afforded by the garden's design.

Recharged with lunch and the space to clear my head, I was ready to return to my exploration of Nepal's capital city.

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