Friday, April 19, 2013

City Of Bhaktapur

On the way back to Kathmandu from Nagarkot, my driver suggested I stop and explore the city of Bhaktapur - a former ruler of Nepal. A well preserved ancient city, where village life is alive and well, and busy!

Weaving my way into the cobbled streets, and laneways, I reached the Dattatraya Square first, which is actually the oldest part of the city. Famous for the Peacock Window and the wood carvings on the buildings, the Temple imposingly stands to one end.

I had lunch in this square, before continuing on my way through the little streets.

Eventually I found Durbar Square. Here, the temples are the stand outs dotted around it, with the Royal Palace accessed through the Golden Gate, which is actually made of brass!

Some people watching in this vast space was in order, as groups of tourists were shown about, amid locals crossing the square to go about their day, or head to temple for prayer.

Following the signs, I found the next square on the trial through the city, to the Pottery Square. Earthen pots are laid out to soak in the heat of the sun, and also for sale, in this space by the local potters.

Makes for a unique sight, with rows and rows of different shapes and sizes of pots covering the ground, made from different coloured clay. This area was a hive of activity.

Taumadhi Square was the next open space I found among the paths between buildings, and stood in awe of the multi-roof temples. The Nyatapola Temple features five pairs of temple guardians sitting along the stairs to the entrance, being the Malla warriors, elephants, lions, griffins and then the two goddesses of Baghini and Singhini - all protecting the path to Siddhi Lakshmi inside. Each pair is said to be 10 times stronger than the one below on the ascent, and the temple itself stands as the tallest pagoda in Nepal.

Trying to find my way out of the city, to the right path to lead me back to my driver, proved to be the hardest part of the day, with so many turns and laneways looking the same. I started to bemoan my rejection of a persistent guide at the start of my visit to the city as I began to wonder if I would ever find my way out! Determination and the help of a few locals and some broken English and gesturing finally got me to the right spot, before any serious panic set in! I think my driver was more worried than I was!


  1. Your photos are so beautiful. You should submit them to a travel magazine :)

    1. Oh, thank you! It's amazing what a point and shoot can achieve.

      Still, I would love to learn properly, and get a real camera! Maybe when I grow up!


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