Monday, August 05, 2013

Cricket On The Shores Of The Taj – A Waving The Flag Tradition

One of the things I have always wanted to do was join Waving The Flag in their cricket match on the shores of the river that runs along behind the Taj Mahal - the photos from this excursion are always a sensation, and a real highlight of most trips to India to watch cricket.

We almost didn't get to do it, with the beach in front of Mehtab Bagh actually wire-fenced off, and security officers with guns patrolling the entry to the area. We needed to compromise and set up our game just next to the fence, ensuring we still had that magical view.

Our little Agra travelling group improvised our game to get the desired feel, and view - all taking it in turns to bowl and bat, with one brave Bloke usually being the one to volunteer to dare to venture out into the fenced off area, when a ball went astray.

An unforgettable travel moment, an amazing afternoon playing cricket with the Taj!

Photo credit: Luke, Waving The Flag

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