Thursday, August 22, 2013

Secret Gig: The Basics Are Back!

Upon hearing the news that The Basics were to do a secret show on Saturday night at the Post Office Hotel in Coburg, Nicole and I instantly plotted out our day with the end being the chance to see the lads play again together after 3 years off doing other things.

Wally has been dominating the world music scene and winning Grammy's, Kris has been working in Kenya, and Tim has been playing in another band in that time, and there were thoughts about whether they would ever come together again as The Basics - but there had been a bit of online buzz, and then shows announced. Saturday night seems to have been their first proper rehearsal!

Taking a place in the front room of the pub, weaving in among the tables of people there for dinner and drinks, the room soon filled as 9pm arrived.

Opening with Money (Gimme, Gimme), the boys were on stage in new matching tailored suits, and fresh energy. Wally seemed so relaxed and really enjoying himself at the back of the stage behind the drums, as the other two warmed up to the spotlight again.

Lots of tracks from their last album release, like What Do You See In Me? and a stripped down version of With This Ship. I was pretty pleased to hear The No 1 Cause Of Death Amongst Youth Today live again, before the new release of So Hard For You seemed to pull in the attention of the crowd of new The Basics fans since the Gotye boom.

More old favourite were played, like Memory Lane, She's Gonna B Late, and Just Hold On. The banter picked up pace and bite as the gig kicked on. Then Yeah Yeah, Can You Trust Me? and Hey C'mon!

Call It Rhythm and Blues and Looking Over My Shoulder was also there, after taking requests from the crowd. Covers ended the night, with Tim leading the harmonies of Rain, before Have Love, Will Travel. The night ended with an AC/DC cover of Jailbreak.

The Basics are back! They are playing another show tonight - so looking forward to it!

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