Sunday, March 22, 2015

Australia v England - World Cup Cricket

With the 2015 ICC World Cup hosted in both Australia and New Zealand this Summer, we got the priviledge to get along to a few games, the first one being the dual opening match at the MCG between Australia and England.

Taking our seats in the outer, we soon started melting in the sun, and the sweltering Melbourne weather. A hot day, made even more so by an unusual humid air. We needed to move from row to row in the first innings to avoid it - and then were bemused by the use of fire bursts to add to the hot conditions with every boundary scored!

Australia took to the bat in the first innings, and Victorian opener Finch blasted away, scoring an exciting 135 before being run out, essentially setting up the match.

Good Aussie support from in-form Maxwell and Bailey had the home side poised at 9/342 for the innings change.

As the sun dipped behind the stands towards the city, we took our proper seats for the second innings, and watched in delight as March took 5 wickets, leaving a gallant Taylor on 98 without any more partners.

Australia had the win, and a great start for the World Cup.

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