Saturday, March 07, 2015

Scoring Half Price Theatre Tickets In Melbourne - Seeing Once

Last month in a respite break, I spent a spontaneous afternoon at the theatre. Having enjoyed the benefits of the discounted ticket sales of Broadway in NYC and in the West End in London, I confess that I did not know that this option was also available right here in Melbourne.

I was keen to get along to see Once for some time, and when time and the matinee schedule lined up, I discovered that the Half Tix Melbourne were listing these shows. As the name suggests, this allowed me a ticket at half the price. The key to snagging these tickets is to monitor the 'Today's Listings' online, and then get down to the office at the Melbourne Town Hall when it opens in the morning. There was a line up at the door when I arrived, but there were a few shows on sale, which meant I had no issue with getting the ticket I wanted for that afternoon.

Upon making the purchase, I was told that I could collect my actual ticket at the Princess Theatre, and that for today's show there was a special pre-drinks call up on stage. When I got down and found my seat in the beautiful, old theatre, I watched as the stage was lit and reflected from all the mirrors all around the stage walls, and people gathered for drinks. The band then came out and mingled among the people, playing typical Irish pub music, setting the scene completely.

Thinking I had not seen the film which the production is based on, I was quickly reminded of the story as soon as the show started - Irish lad busking his sad songs of love, and an edgy Polish girl who comes along and challenges and inspires him. The music channels Damien Rice, and the story pulls at all heart strings.

The show was totally delightful, and moving, and very well done with set and the musical arrangements. A little transportation into Dublin and the music of Ireland.

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