Thursday, May 07, 2015

Drinking In The Sunset At Fira

I had expected the terraces of white dwellings, restaurants and bars, fancy hotels, and walkways and laneways along the sea edge of Santorini's Fira to be overloaded with people trying to take in the sight of the sun setting over the volcanic island in the bay and sinking into the water.

But after wandering through the cute little white lanes, taking a peek at the view across the bay at every possible vantage point I could find, I found a cafe bar with a terrace, ordered a beer, took a table, and settled in for the show. During my walk around I rarely saw anyone else, and for quite some time, I had this terrace with the most spectacular views all to myself.

I wondered at one point whether there was somewhere else I was supposed to be, that perhaps I was missing out on something else. Where was everyone?

But looking further across the sprawl of white buildings, I could see the more central bars crammed full of people, and hear the usual bar-noise din floating across from these places. I figured I had scored the better option, just purely by chance.

The colour changes were breathtaking. As the sun made it's gradual path towards the horizon, the sky hues changed so many times. But also, the light reflecting across the Fira white buildings also gave a beautiful warm glow. 

The peace of my vantage point certainly enhanced the beauty of the nature show in front of me, with nothing but the sunset and stillness of the bay to focus on. The sunset show took the time of a handful of beers, ordered from the tiny cafe, with the setting certainly encouraging more.

There really is nothing quite like seeing the sun sink into the sea. But then the colour show that was put on just after gave the whole experience a new level of incredible.


  1. These photos are gorgeous! What an amazing place!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. Thanks Tegan! I do have a truckload of photos from this, because the sunset was so photogenic!

  2. Amazing! I'm headed to Santorini in September and this just ups my excitement. What a gorgeous thing to have found a little sanctuary to enjoy that stunning Fira sunset!

    1. Oh, enjoy! It's a very beautiful place! I have a few more posts coming up, which will help you plan for your time, too.


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