Saturday, May 09, 2015

Be Free Art Trail In Preston

Last weekend, I woke to the post on Facebook from Melbourne street artist Be Free, that he had put in place ready for people to find and enjoy. I happened to be housesitting in the area, and so I was perfectly placed for a street art hunt.

Most of these pieces are Be Free's playful girl, and include actual playing cards as part of the paste up. These are new older pieces, which are all ones I have seen pictures of, but never found live before.

The map can be found here, and all of these pieces are within easy strolling distance. A couple of them are in small back laneways behind residential terrace houses, or the Right Of Way (ROW). But all are really easy to get to - except the one in the abandoned building, which you can only see through the high windows.

Tucked away enough to pass the test of time, before the weather may take them away before anything else, these five girls will surely still be in place long enough to enjoy for any future would-be street art hunters. Just look for the trail of playing cards!

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