Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Marat, Flying, and Bangas

I have made it to Bangas, after goodbyes at the airport, and the 9 hour flight. After much panic about the weight on my luggage, I sailed through check-in, and enjoyed a quick beer with Mum, and Melissa and Katie, and Clinton, before heading off inside those silver doors of the airport.

Not long after moving along, it came to my attention that Marat Safin, fresh from his Australian Open Championship win, was also on the flight! Very distracting, know someone that hot is near by!! (How good was he this year!) Now surely a big lad like that needs to stretch his legs and walk a few laps of the plane, right? Apparently not. However, I saw a lot of Peter Lundgren (coach), as he popped back to chat to a group in front of me quite often.

Just a couple of musings about flying, which I still dislike immensely...why do they taxi you past random sights that you don't need to see just before taking off? The shells of aircraft in various states of disrepair were along the longest taxiing I have ever been on - ones without their noses, ones with wings missing. Can't they hide those!!?? And why, oh WHY, do you need to be woke up for a meal just moments after they settle you in for sleep after the last movie?? Who can be excited about veal lasagne at 1am?? Would have like to see them try that on the firey Russian in First Class!!

After the first flight of many in the coming weeks, the shock of the heat of Bangkok never ceases to shock! Wow! I always forget what it really feels like. Thailand is still a place where I feel completely out of my confort zone - on ever high rip off and danger alert - which it not usual for me. Just need more practice, I guess. And being flung outside of that zone is oh, so good for you! (really!) I love it, and yet and frightened of it, all at the same time. Hee hee.

Today I have been wondering around Bangas, with the weird and wonderful shopping malls, and out-of-the-blue markets everywhere. Am still walking around in awe. Have added to my luggage, I am afraid - but have stopped myself. There are so many great bags, shoes, jackets...I could go crazy here!

Over breakfast this morning there were snow pictures of Japan - now that's going to be an interesting adjustment in a week's time!!

Oh! I see Vanders has been named captain. Awesome! Since when have Hawthorn done things that I thought would be good. All signs are showing that Clarkson may just be the man!! Will have to keep that return flight handy for September now...just in case!! Good for you Richie, bring on the biff! - although he will always be cheezel-boy to me!!


  1. Im surprised Tash that you didn't pop up to first class to say a quick hello!
    Hows that red leather jacket coming along?
    Andrea X

  2. Funny you should mention the jacket, Andrea...have just come away from a fitting! Very exciting!!

  3. Bloody Clinton Taylor, if it wasn't for him you could be munching cheezels watching your hubby lead the "mighty hawks"... seeya in a few weeks



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