Friday, November 11, 2005

Comes and goes

The music one listens to when you are feeling a bit down, or when you are not quite right after smacking your head on a hard surface, doesn't do you any favours when homesickness is lurcking! I guess the passing birthday hasn't helped in that department, either.

All this talk of getting older
Is getting me down my love

I am not majorly homesick, but always when I am feeling a bit off, I want my mum. 'Course, she would just laugh at my black eye too, which is totally warrented and deserved. But still.

I wonder what I'm missing
Think of songs I've never heard...

It would be fun to hang out with the girls for a bit.

But then I have no job at home, no job prospects, nowhere to live (I know I can bum at Mum's, but you know what I mean...), and I have a great social circle here. People actually jump to join you in things here!! Minimal nagging needed to get a group together. Awesome! Plus, I have found a great job with so many opportunities. Oh, and I still haven't managed to fix my credit rating at home, so am not in a position to return to Australia under my own name yet!!
Will you still love me
When you can't see me anymore

The shiner is getting better, although still quite visable. Getting a bit over trying to explain what happened - how embarrassment!! It is quite funny seeing people's reactions on the train and in shops, though. I must be assumed to be some battered wife. I even had someone give up their seat for my on a train! How funny!
'Cause we're reeling in every sight and sin...
every home sick girl along the way

Hmmm, I guess I just need some new music!! Or change the tracks on the MP3!! Hee hee. Need to have a break from The Waifs, KT and Lloydy, perhaps!! Although it's doesn't hurt to wallow every now and then. I don't let it happen very often!

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