Sunday, November 06, 2005

Shiner, elephant man style

All week I have been hanging for the weekend, and the possibility of sleeping for two days solid to catch up.

So last night after drinks at work for our monthy staff meeting, I decided that red wine was the way to dissolve Friday night, and be sure sleep would last on through Saturday morning.

Seems like I had a little too much...although I really didn't feel that bad...

Putting myself to bed, I had a small mishap with my face and the windowsill. Needless to say I have woken up this morning looking like the elephant man, with a very pink, purple and blue puffy eye...and a very sore head.

Clearly I need supervision and assistance with putting myself to bed from now on, and I will need to increase my efforts for finding someone for that role, pronto! I mean, I could lose an eye!!

Luckily for me I have a stockpile of Aussie goodies from my birthday parcels that I have been craving for months. Looks like staying in bed, reading and eating Tim Tams, Twisties and Milo (yes, eating Milo!) will be the order for the weekend. Or as long as it takes to be able to show my face in public again....


  1. You dork!!

    Are you sure you not covering for some low life mother @#$%^& cos we will hunt him down and show him who is boss!!!!

  2. Oh poor baby. No more red cordial for you!

  3. Can we get daily updates on the black eye? A photo timeline perhaps?

  4. It's hideous today!! Very dark dark purple. It looks like a bad make up job - or that I have been beaten - great!!
    How do I explain this to work!!??

  5. The photo looks even funnier because you look hangover as hell but your eye is probably taking the attention away from the pain of it all!!!! hehehe

    Luv Lissy


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