Monday, November 21, 2005

When Irish Pints Are Smiling

Charles and I meet out at Gatwick Airport for a cheeky couple of pints before boarding our delayed flight across to Dublin on Friday, for a boozy weekend with the lads. Hungover and struggling after the night before, the only thing to do was to get back on it, and another on the short plane ride over was in order.

Consulting Cathal about how long it will take to get to their part of the world told us that in half an hour he would meet our bus from Dublin airport. This turned out to be in Irish time! An hour and a half later, and a tour through Dublin, we got out to the other side of the city, and finally caught up with Cathal in Greystones.

Another beer or two and Liz was home from work and ready to go out! We headed out in Bray Friday night, and braved the cold - although it actually wasn't as freezing as London had been for the last two days.

Saturday we headed into town (that's Dublin for the non-locals!) for a bit of an Irish pub crawl, and a quick check on the match scores (Australia happened to be playing Ireland in the rugby - what do ya know!). The Porter House, The Globe, and then Hogans (scene of St Paddy's day for us back in March).

As it started getting dark, we decided to head out to Enniskerry to meet up with the rest of Liz's mates, out at a pub in the little village. When Liz first said we could go to "Anna-Scary" for Anna's birthday, I did think it was a bit mean to be calling her "scary" on her birthday - but it was just the pronounciation of the village's name! Opps!

Catching up with the lads once we had servived the cab trip of through little village roads, things eventually go a bit out of hand and crazy. Anna was delighted that we had come out, and it was cool catching up with Claire and Paddy, Ruth and Eugene, Niamh, Alva and the rest of the lads.

The rowdy group ended up back at Anna's for a way out of control house party, before we all eventually crashed there. The ride back in the taxi to Greystones the next morning was very dodgy indeed!

After some much needed sleep we headed out to The Beach House in Greystones for recovery pints and dinner, before Charles and I needed to head back out to the airport for our late flight back to London. It was so good catching up with Liz and Cathal again, and the rest of the lads. Ireland and the Irish are just gorgeous, if a little nuts!!

Looking forward to a week in detox, with a focus on catching up on sleep!

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