Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Beautiful Cumbia

Heading south this time in my little golden hire car, I ambled my way down to the beautiful village of Ambleside. Was starting to stress about the mile to kilometer conversion and the translation into reserve fuel tank through parts of the beautiful drive down there, through the hills and winding roads and along the pristine lakes. Damn yellow fuel light!! Hee hee!

Made it though!! And trickled into Ambleside. It seemed every man and his dog was there this Sunday afternoon of the long weekend, and finding a carpark that wouldn't land me a parking ticket proved impossible. I did risk it, and found a quick park to run over and have a look, and take a picture of the Bridge House - apparently the most photographed building in the Lakes Districts! Reportedly built over the river like this to avoid land tax (tight arse Brits at their best!!), it has also house a family with 6 children. Gee, wouldn't that have been fun!! (More photos.)

The whole village was so cute, with the bluestone slate buildings, and the cobbled and tiny streets.

I continued on around Lake Windermere, stopping at Bowness to wander about the little laneways, and walked through (and released a book in) the shop and tearoom of the Beatrix Potter Attraction. Would have been a fun place to take a little person!! If only I had a neice or a nephew to buy for....

For the remaineder of the day I drove down to the shore in the south of the Lakes District area, and read by the sea. Saw the castle off on the island, Piel Castle, from the shore, before heading back to Keswick.

Today it has been raining all day, after a weekend of nothing but sun. Certainly luck out on my days. Another full English breakfast, before returning the car, and catching the train back to London.

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  1. It's really beautiful! I've not made it to the Lakes District yet but I would love to go. It would be great with a car or even better to take a hiking holiday.


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