Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cuckoo's Nest

Taking advantage of Shana's last couple of days of freedom (she starts work tomorrow!), I suggested she pop down during the day yesterday to see if she could score us some cheap theatre tickets. And she did!

For a short run only, Christian Slater and Alex Kingston have been putting on One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, at the Garrick Theatre. We did get restricted view tickets, which meant we needed to lean forward to see the whole stage, but for £10, all good! Had been wanting to see this since it was first advertsied!

Christian Slater...always a draw card in the early nineties, and looking at his list of films since then, seems to have done nothing of note since then!! Except work work on his bod!! The scenes last night where he was half naked were all worth his lack of on-screen success - hee hee!

Alex Kingston, the beloved Dr Elizabeth Corday from ER, played Nurse Ratchett...I am afraid she'll always be Elizabeth to me!! Way too nice to be Nurse Ratchett!! A sterling effort, and she certainly gave a polished performance as the over-zealous, manipulating, mothering and all-powering nurse of the ward - but knowing her as Dr Green's wife, it didn't quite convince me.

Slater was solid in his performance. A real presence on the stage, if not a touch over-acting for the aggression of the role - he's never been that tough, though, has he?!

Was a great depiction of the book, and I really enjoyed the telling of this on stage.

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  1. I'm glad you made it in the end. Sorry I missed it - but not too sorry as Italy is lovely.


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