Thursday, May 25, 2006


On a semi-regular basis for the last couple of weeks, a group of us have been congregating for something I have labeled our WBBSs on a Wednesday night. Dinner and drinks of a different cultural cuisine each week, our Wednesday Boozy Briefing Sessions have been heaps of fun...and more Bitching sessions, really! Better out than in!

Last night Charlotte, Leilah and I headed to Camden for Cambodian... Lemongrass is the only Khmer restaurant in London, according to a quick search. A nothing-special restaurant, the layout did actually feel very Phnom Penh - the fluro lights, uncomfy and cheap chairs, sticky table!! Hee hee.

They didn't have my much craved Fish Amok, however they did have Lok Luk! Hee hee. The dishes we ordered had that familiar taste for me, and very very yummy. The South African white wine was also good, and hit the mark!! Nice.

The dodgy train ride home, on a crusty Silverlink train, was a whole other cultural experience! And then the walk home from the station in what is being labeled the "May Monsoons" - ahhhh, London!

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