Friday, August 25, 2006

Buy Now And Pay Later

It's later, now! For the first time in...well, forever...I am starting to feel like I am controlling my money situation. Today, (being the day after payday!) I feel like I am successfully chipping away at my debt monster! This has been a goal of mine for sometime, of which I am finally taking action.

Accumulating debt for things like travel and study, I am now chipping away at paying off things like my trip to Sri Lanka in 2004, and my laptop for my studies, and a million other things I have done when I didn't have the dough (but no regrets - I've had a ball!!).

I have actioned what I have been calling my "Debt Management Plan" for some months now. This means things like, £2 for a week of lunches, instead of something interesting and appealing everyday! Cardboard (read, Rivita) and peanut butter one week (BORING!), and styrofoam (read, rice cakes) and hommous another (BORING!). Why does saving money have to be so monotonous and boring!!! I am also consistantly sending money home on a monthly basis, to chip away at the debt.

All this come about after some stressful weeks, about the threatening calls and letters that were arriving back home. I no longer have credit cards, and my debt accounts are finally being tended to. Does this mean I am starting to grow up and take responsibility??!! Ewwww!

But whilst starting to work away at this monster, I am careful not to lose my focus! The reason I am away from home and my family and friends, with the homesickness fading in and out, is to see and explore Europe - which is right there across the water - and all the other cool things that London has to offer!

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  1. Good luck! God knows, I know how boring saving money is. It's great that you're getting it under control.


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