Saturday, August 19, 2006


Jenny has been back in old London town for two nights, after returning to downtown Glenroy back in March, and it was so good to catch up with her!

On Wednesday night, I met her and Lizette around the London Bridge area for cocktails at Bar Blue, and a good chat! A bit of spice in a cocktail called the Masked Devil, and then it was off to Nandos (where else, with Jen??!!).

Yesterday the visiting Jenny lined up at the Victoria Palace Theatre in the morning and got us tickets for the evening showing of Billy Elliot. Restricted view, with the last minute and affordable tickets, found us front row and centre. Perhaps missed some of the young lads' footwork, but we got snowed on when it came down during the show, which was quite funny!

Quite like the movie, but better, the performance by the Colin "Billy" (there are 4 of them doing the season), and also the portrayals of both Michael and Mrs Wilkinson were really good, strong characters. Parts that made you laugh, parts that made your cry, but mainly laugh. I was a bit surprised at the language in the musical - I mean, I know there was some in the movie, but for all the kids in the audience...maybe it's just my Aussie standards coming out!

I quite understand the raving reviews this show is getting now, and we really enjoyed the night. Before goodbyes at the tube, I got to prompt a reintroduction for Jenny to the double cheesy....mmmm, double cheesy! Hee hee. Have a great rest of the trip, Jens!


  1. Say hi to Jenny from me!

  2. I just clicked to see who had left a comment and it was me. LOL.

    When are we going to read about Maggie's Hike on your blog?! I think someone called Flanners has sponsored you, if you didn't see it already.

  3. Well, I don't usually post things until they actually happen!! I have put a Sponser Me link on the right side bar of Jouljet...
    So I'll copy the info in here, shall I!! Hee hee...
    Copied from Caitlin's info...

    Please sponsor us!!
    In September I am doing the Maggie’s Metro Life Hike.

    We will be joining hundreds – possibly thousands – of other Londoners to hike around the Circle Line by night. That's 17 miles, from 10pm till sunrise!! The idea is to raise money to build a new Maggie’s Centre. The first Maggie’s Centre was built in 1996 and there are now five around the country. The centres provide psychological and emotional support for cancer patients. A very worthwhile cause.

    Please sponsor us. The easiest way to do this is online at If you are a UK resident, you can increase the value of your gift by ticking the Gift Aid box and allowing the charity to reclaim your tax.

  4. Cool. Sorry didn't mean to hassle, just thought you said you were going to post on here so I was waiting for the big announcement! I think we have a couple of months after the event to collect more sponsorship anyway so there's plenty of time.


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