Saturday, August 05, 2006

Kilburn locals

For Toni's last proper night in the MaxiPad, before more travels and then her relocation to the valley, I decided we should do a tour of the local pubs that we have always heard so much about. For dinner we ate at Speedy Noodle, which is one of those places near home that people have mentioned to service, huge dishes, and cheap, cheap!

First pub stop was the North London Tavern, a busy and chilled vibe pub. Pretty people locals (I think this is where that hot guy that applied for one our rooms recommended!!), we polished off our first Magners.

Next up was the Brondes Age, which we had spotted one night when we had had dinner up this way, where we sat outside and soaked up the Kilburn High Road atmosphere(this end is a little like Lygon Street!), and another Magners.

Aware poor Toni had to get up very early in the morning to get her taxi to the airport, we walked down to The Kilburn next, which was my favourite of the crawl last night. This pub is very cool.

The Good Ship was our last stop, and despite hearing good things, probably my least favourite of the crawl. A bit try hard pretentious, and well...empty! Set up for a dark and dingy nightclub style evening....a little sleazy and gross for us! More Magners and a short, and then home.

Have fun on your travels, young Tones-sta, and good luck in your new whizz bang job!

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