Friday, September 01, 2006

Lloydy in London

Last night I dragged Charlotte along to see Alex Lloyd at the Carling Islington. We stopped at Wagamama's for dinner and drinks first, before ordering our drinks ready for the gig.

Starting with some big numbers from Watching Angels Mend, including Bus Ride (my favourite), Lloydy was playing acoustic, with just him, a guitar and the mike, a lamp for mood, and a beer. Moving into some classics from Black The Sun, he then seemed to derive his playlist from the requests shouted from the audience.

Lloyd's son peeked out of the side stage for a couple of his new songs - so cute! - of which Alex told the audience that little Jake's favourite songs were the most depressing, like Brand New Day and Never Meant To Fail.

A cover of the Beatles' Blackbird, Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, and then an almost unrecognisable Chisel You Got Nothing I Want were included in the playlist.

Love Lloydy live, and after seeing him quite a few times over the years, I recognise his live style and intonation. Was also great to hear the crowd know the words to his songs, even this far away from home.


  1. I am sure the version of Hallelujah you left on my voicemail was the Jeff Buckley version!!! hehehe
    Go Hawks!!

  2. Ahhhh, little sister! That song was someone else's before it was Jeff's!
    Glad you enjoyed the song, in the early hours of the morning, on the other side of the world!! Hee hee! Was thinking of you kids!


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