Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oktoberfest and German roadtrip

Sunday saw another day at Oktoberfest for Nat, Jess and Andrew, and I, with an early start to secure a good spot in one of the busiest beerhalls. The Hofbräu beerhall is known as the Aussie tent, and has to be done!

We got there just as the crowds were gathering, and thus took some time to walk through the amusement ride section of the sprawl that is the Fest (and to build up a 10am thirst for a stein!). The four of us then got down to business, selected our table, ordered our steins, and tipped our already grumpy beer wench.

As the hall started getting rowdier, and the beer kept flowing, the fun began. The band kicked off, and then my memory grows a little hazy!

A challenge was set for each of us, and after completing mine, I decided to help Andrew verify his. Setting him the challenge of finding someone in the hall, apart from the two of us, who was from Ballarat, he had returned after a misson stating success. We set off to confirm, and wandered among the Fanatics group - who claimed there were two Ballaratians with them...somewhere! And there in the middle of all the riotous beerhall were Melinda and Brad (Hi Marg, Murray and Craig!)!! Andrew was quite stunned that I knew the people from home, without knowing they were going to be there. But people from Ballarat are everywhere!! Hee hee.

The next day we checked out of Munich and loaded into our Merc (when in Germany...) for a roadtrip to Berlin, through countryside Germany. Our first stop was several hours down the road at Regensburg, for lunch. Walking around the medieval city to stretch our legs, before jumping back into the car to drive to Dresden.

A pretty city, with reconstructed architecture after WWII bombings destroyed much of the city, we walked though the Zwiger, past the Frauenkirche Church, and round to the city centre. A quick snack stop, and we were off again, gliding at 200km/hr on the autobahn to Berlin.


  1. So what was your challenge again Tash? Do tell us....

  2. Hey! What happens at Oktoberfest, stays at Oktoberfest!


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