Monday, September 11, 2006

Weekend out of hand

Plans for a quite, money saving weekend backfired, and as I am sitting at my desk this morning, a little seedy, things had just gotten away from me! But that's London - there is always someone doing something....awesome!

Saturday just after lunch I went into Wimbledon for a pint with a few of the members of my new house. Holly, Belinda and Mark and I were in search of the Aussie verses South Africa rugby (I think!!) match - but no luck. Given the nationality divide in the house now, it could have been interesting...but none of the pubs had it one.

Facing a quite Saturday evening at home, I got a text from Toni, who is back after her travels, and so I headed into Clapham Junction to meet up with her, Ben and Clare for dinner. Three bottles of wine later, a mini pub crawl had commenced! Was lovely to see Toni, and catch up on the last few weeks, and all the changes. Was quite nice wine, too! Hee hee.

Waking to a headache and a text message, I pulled myself together and made my way into town to meet Jess and Andrew, and Nat, at the Queen Mary for lunch. Fresh off the boat, Jess and Andrew have just arrived in big, bad London for a year of adventure! Soaking in the sun, the skyline and the Pimm's, the four of us we caught up, before walking through London streets to Covent Garden.

One the way home, I called into the Walkabout in Wimbledon, to have a drink with Renee. Haven't seen her for a bit, and it was lucky I was keen to catch up with her, cos the Walkie is gross!! Hee hee!! Lucky for her, there was an AFL replay on, and then I watched the first set of the US Open!

Back at work for a bit of detox now, after a weekend of catching up with friends over drinks, all over London! It's all good!

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