Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pyramid Rocking New Years

With no play on Day 4 at the 'G for Melissa's birthday on Friday, Plan B was activated for the day. Brunch in South Melbourne, following by a long afternoon drinking session at the Belgian Beer Cafe saw off Lissy's 27th in style. Located in the grounds of the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind, there were plenty of jokes around about that, as Melissa, Clinton, Adam, Steve and I got started for the session. Later joined by Charles, then Danielle, Katie, Jessie, and then Dave, Belinda and Brad popped in at the end of the day.

Up the next day with gear packed and car filled to capacity, Jessie, Melissa, Clinton and I piled into Melissa's car for the drive down to Phillip Island, and our New Years Eve destination - the Pyramid Rock Festival.

Lulled into a sense of false security about our hiding places for banned alcohol into the venue by Katie's carload, and Heath's the day before, we had our stash in amoungst our sleeping gear...which proved wrong, all wrong. Arriving in the middle of the day on Saturday, there weren't too many cars at the check-in point - and thus, the searchers had nothing but time. Pulling out half our well packed boot, eventually our first bottle of hidden vodka was found - and then the onslaught began. Watching them find our bottle of Jager, three bottles of vodka, a bottle of gin, and a bottle of wine hurt!

Gutted, and having repacked our car to drive in, we were met at the gate by Heath, who directed us to our already set up campsite, and a drunky Katie - did not cheer us up much!! Thinking we would struggle to recover from the clean out, our crew pooled together, and soon the drinks were flowing!

Heading into the stage area, we soon got involved, and the pain of our losses diminished, albeit slowly. There for Faker, Lior, and then my of my favourite gigs of the weekend, The Beautiful Girls, our rather large group at the Rock were having a good time. Silverchair played late on Saturday night, and I must say were quite grumpy and disappointing. Playing mostly new stuff, and ignoring requests from the crowd for their big numbers, their set would have to be one of the most ordinary of the weekend.

Sunday morning we got started slowly after the camping night, which had gotten quite cold in the end, the crew built up to the big night at just the right pace. At one point someone in the group had commented on the fact that the four of us Reid girls hanging out together and being so close was quite remarkable. It was so much fun hanging out as the four of us, and our big group of mates around us. A Xmas present from Melissa, Jessie and Katie, the weekend ticket with a NYE all together was so special, and something amazing to return home to Australia to.

The afternoon consisted of seeing bands, popping back for liquid refeshments and top ups, and a bit to eat, Sunday was such a fun day. A few drops of rain here and there did not manage to dampen the day, and I watched gigs from The Spazzys, a bit of Bertie Blackman, and Mia Dyson. I was there for the whole Bomba set, which was fun and funky, including a bit of crowd involvement with the band coming down from the stage to sit amoungst us for a number.

Being away for such a long stint, and being a little removed from the home grown music did not take away from my enjoyment. Listening to the bands talked up by my sisters and the crew, the weekend of music was awesome. The Grates and Xavier Rudd sets were huge, and then Evermore got up ready for the big one.

The Living End conducted the countdown to 2007 - and pulled off the set of the weekend. They were brilliant! We were all in fine form, and had an awesome NYE!

Yesterday, we took our time to get started, pack up our gear and get the car ready for the long line to get out of the festival and off Phillip Island. In good spirits after a massive weekend, we were dirty, dusty, sun blessed, and happy! Thanks for a great weekend for NYE girls!

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