Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Two years ago

Two years ago today I was packing up life as I knew it in Australia, ready for the big adventure in Europe and London.

During my two years away, I managed to visit 20 countries, most of them completely new to me. Managed to have many amazing and unforgetable adventures (had a magical White Christmas, attended the ANZAC service in Gallipoli, hot air ballooning in Turkey, watched Australia lose and then regain The Ashes, go to Wimbledon (twice)). Managed to work in a new occupation (rehabilitation) and sector (profit). Managed to meet a host of wonderful people, and make new and lasting friendships. Managed to see countless music gigs, theatre and art in Europe.

But now it's time to get my London style lifestyle that I loved, happening in the city that I love - Melbourne! Time to get started!

I am looking forward to setting up a new place to live. Looking forward to getting into the footy again. Looking forward to hanging out with my sisters. And with all my mates here in Melbourne and Ballarat. Looking forward to getting an ace job, and working towards my Psychologist registration. Looking forward to teaching myself how to cook, or at least to enjoy cooking! Looking forward to meeting new people, and finding new cool spots in Melbourne.

Bring it!

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