Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Footy overload

On Friday during the day at work, some football tickets were going begging, so I nabbed them! The Friday night game at the Telstra Dome was St Kilda verses Carlton, and the spare, free work tickets were for the Medallion Club...all good.

Jessie, Noodles, and Saint Rhys came along, and we even enjoyed the car park allocated with the seats. Up to Level 2, a rare treat for Hawthorn members who usually get minimal privileges at the Dome, and into the bar for beers in a glass before the match.

It was quite nice being impartial at a match, and not feeling the stress of being emotionally involved. It ended up being quite a good game, and with a run to the bar for a round at every change, it was a great way to spend an idle Friday night!

Saturday rolled around for the all important grudge match between Hawthorn and Essendon. From the past few years, this clash always promises to be fiery and with a bit of biff to liven up the passion between these too clubs.

Nicole and Michelle joined the Reid clan, and with threats of rain for the day we sat under cover in the Great Southern Stand at the MCG.

The Hawks, with young kid Buddy Franklin kicking nine sensational goals, romped it in in the end, much to our delight!

Drinks to savour the win, and to rue what could have been for Nicole and Michelle on the wrong end of the scoreboard, was had at Time Out, in Federation Square as the rainless sky melted into dusk and darkness.

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