Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Architecture and Muscles

On Sunday night, after a trip to Ballarat for the weekend and Mother's Day duties, Jessie and Noodle, Katie, Kelly and I went to the Prince Ballroom to see Architecture in Helsinki. Just like last year...weird!

We arrived for the support act before AIH, Muscles. He was hilarious, and had us in stitches - although I don't know if that was his intention. A young lad standing in front of a set of keyboards turning out his techno beat and eclectic tunes. His Icecream song was a winner. He dropped the top keyboard in the middle of one of his tracks, which only emphasised the feeling that we were witnessing his usual bedroom at home practices! His final song Hey Muscles, I Love You was just too funny, with the chorus line of 'Hey Muscles, I love you, I want to have your babies' very catchy! Hee hee.

The Melbourne group soon joined the stage, and launched into their fun and funky songs. A collection of new and old, they did not disappoint. Full of energy, and quite sweaty at times, the band played their unusual collection of instruments, belting out their hits in the happy go lucky way that you can't help feeling fun and silly for. Whirlwind will always be one of my favourites, The Cemetery was also very good, but It'5 was a massive hit for the home crowd!

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