Thursday, August 16, 2007

Accidently Canning Street

Today Jane and I commenced moving in to our new house, after much stress and searching, bidding and hoping, in the house hunt for somewhere to match our now mature tastes and budgets!

After seeing off my boxes and minuscule amount of furniture in Ballarat, I arrived at our new street to await the removalist van. The street has a strip of grass all the way down it, is a designated bike route, and has palm trees all the way down the centre. Waiting as the sun was hitting the terraces across the street, with the city in view, was lovely!

All very Copenhagen, too, with the bike traffic heading to work!

A two bedroom pretty white terrace is now home for Jane and I, who haven't lived together before. Floorboards throughout, and heating, we have a backyard, and even a picket fence!! Great location, with everything within walking distance, even work!

I think we are going to love it here!

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