Sunday, August 05, 2007


Last night Jenny and I met up with Scott and a couple of his mates for the screening of Sicko for the Melbourne International Film Festival. Showing at the gorgeous Regent Theater, this movie was showing pre-release at the fest, and Jen had hooked us up!

I don't actually think I have seen a Michael Moore film before, but of course, like everyone, know what he's on about. This film is a look at the American health care system, and it's unfair and inequitable ways in regards to their insurance loopholes for getting the treatment one may need.

Funny in parts, and downright shocking, with his anecdotes on people's stories and difficulties, including a batch of volunteer rescue workers from Ground Zero September 11, and their ongoing battles to get access to health care.

Moore looks around the world to the way other countries care for their sick, paid for through taxation - systems in the UK and France got rave reviews by doctors, patients and taxpayers alike. Of course, no mention of the waiting time for the NHS...

After trotting around the world, Moore declared that there was one part of US soil where people got free and accessible health care - Guantanamo Bay. Interesting! he these went on to show how easy it was to access decent medical advice in Cuba.

Harsh, in your face, and a push for the American public fed up with their system to have a think about it all, and actually vote! Preaching to the converted, surely, but quite well done nonetheless.

Drinks and much film and life dissection took place in a bar around the corner, Three Below, before Jenny and I headed back on the train to Essendon.


  1. Michael Moore does get you thinking. I'm sure President Hillary Clinton will have a few things to say about health care come January 2009.


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