Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Seeing Sheedy off in Hawk fashion

One of my mates at work was devastated the day Sheedy was sacked/retired (whatever!)...and unashamedly I had nothing to give in the way of sympathy! Sheedy has been a nemesis of everyone who doesn't barrack for Essendon for the longest time, in fact for longer than I can remember!

This weekend it was the second Hawthorn v Essendon clash of the season, and of course the usual big Reid family and extended people organisation of getting to the ground and where to sit started early!

The crew eventually settled on seats in the Olympic Stand at the 'G, and readied ourselves for a big game. Thankfully we were undercover, because despite it being all sunshine and light as we were walking to the crowd, a fierce and floaty rain decended during the first quarter, mixing it up a bit!

Our brown and gold stress turned to joy fairly early, with some big names back in the side, and the running, fast paced strings of play back on the players to do lists! They were awesome!

A 63 point drubbing! A happy team at Hawthorn indeed. And thanks to Freo doing us a massive favour by winning, Hawks moved back to third on the ladder. Sweet.

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