Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hobart Test

Taking a much overdue day off work on Friday, I had a very early morning flight to catch, down to Hobart. Dropping off my bag at the Central Backpackers, and grabbing breakfast, I then found the shuttle out to Bellreive Oval for the 2nd Test between Australia and Sri Lanka.

This test marked the final first class venue in Australia that I had left to experience, and given the trip around for the Ashes a year ago, the timing of this test meant that I have been to a Test at all seven venues within a year. That’s pretty hardcore!

Belinda joined me on the hill once her flight from Sydney got her into Hobart, and we soaked up Australia’s answer to Newlands, with Mt Wellington hovering over the ground. At lunch we made our way around the ground to join the Waving The Flag gang in the Player’s Guest Stand. Catching up with Bumbles, and Gluv, and the rest of the gang, and also meeting a few familiar names from the group, we settled in for the rest of the days play.

That night, after beers in the dorm, we wandered down to the harbourside for fish and chips, before finding a spot at (pub) for concentrated drinking, talk about cricket, footy, and all things important. Staying in a dorm room with 13 of my established and new Flagger mates, who would have thought!

Day 2 was one of the coldest days of cricket I have sat through, and one which rated a close second to the experienced tour Flaggers around us in the stand. We huddled, and chattered, and shivered our way through till lunch. Belinda disappeared at this stage, and I had assumed that she had decided enough was enough and gone back to the dorm to warm up and sleep off our collective hangover – but no! She rejoined us with pairs of green and gold footy socks, and saved us from the cold!! Top moment of the day!! Hee hee!

That night a group of us went out for Thai, before making our way to Wisden and Bomber’s apartment for a Chardy Party. Many, many refilled glasses of white wine, more chatter about all things sport, with a recurring theme related to a tour of the West Indies next year….feeding a seed that was planted some time ago!! Shane, Meggys and I ended the evening by walking back into the city, stopping for a beer in each pub on the way.

Entertained by Percy in the Player’s Guest stand, who Charles, Ash and I had seen in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and then later soaking in the sun on the hill, the cricket…. After play on Day 3 the group headed to (pub) for drinks, and later dinner, and then later drinks. I had such a ball with the group!

Hershelle and I, being on the same flight, Belinda and James got a very early morning taxi out to the airport before parting ways. A treat for me, to fly Qantas and actually get a feed, Hersh and I parted ways in Melbourne, and it was back to working for me! Watching the cricket score tick over for the rest of the test had me wishing that I had gone for the whole five days…but not to be.

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  1. I'm not sure whether I told you but I had a chat with Percy in Barbados at the World Cup Final too.....

    Forgot to ask about the guest ticket on the weekend, will have to do it in the next couple of days!!


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