Friday, November 09, 2007

Sculpture By The Sea

On Sunday, Belinda and I headed to Bondi to take in the brilliant sunshine, and for a yummy brunch. We walked the length of the beach, swarming with locals and tourists alike, soaking in the iconic white sand and blue ocean, with cresting waves and surfers.

We found the Bondi Sunday Market, and wandered through, buying bits of jewelry and clothing, before heading to the south side of the bench for a few beers at the Bondi Icebergs Club, with big bad Barry! (Always a celebrity spotting when I am in Syders, it seems!)

We then headed along the trial from Bondi to Tamarama, for the Sculpture By The Sea. A big oversized twisted spoon, a ring of fairy stuffs, a Mercedes dismantled by some ants made of it’s parts, a river of flowers, a lighthouse, faces among tresses made to hold up the cliff face, and a whole bunch of other weird and wonderful creations, dotted the coast.

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