Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Home For A Year

Today marks a whole year since I returned from the UK, touching down in Brisbane for a massive summer. Can’t help but take stock today, looking back and thinking – is this, what I am doing now, what I meant when I decided to come back?

In that year, I watched a whole lot of cricket, and then footy, as the seasons changed. I have been homeless for much of that time, and unemployed for a chunk of time too!

Feeling that I have come back to a world where people don’t usually play on a school night, and it seems so much harder to get people to join you for one and every thing you want to do. And I am so far away from anywhere I haven’t been before, for travel! Much harder to just jump country for a week, or a weekend!

But that said, I am getting into a groove with work, and starting to enjoy it. Has it’s ups and downs, quite severe at times, I admit, which has me totally questioning it all. But recently there was an opportunity to return to the UK….and the promise of summer was too alluring. Still working away at getting that Psychologist registration process started – and procrastinating at the long term commitment – but getting closer and closer to just taking the leap and getting on with it.

Seriously chipping away at that debt monster, too, which is just a small dog size now!

Loving my house, and working hard on the social life. Melbourne is such a great city, with it’s vast array of music, sports, and things to do. It’s all good.


  1. Hi Tash, Like this post. The thoughts that all Aussies must have about returning to Aus. The not playing on school night and distance and inability to travel as easily is deft. a problem in Aus., and it seems that even the transport within the city of Melbourne to surrounding suburbs is an issue (i.e. the Tube and eve overground system here is so handy). But, Australia does have more space and is more laid back.. So what was your final ultimatum about returning, did you adjust to these things again?

    1. Ha, funny that you find this post now...I think I found what I was looking for for awhile, and you were definitely part of the playing on a school night gig going at times when I was in Melbourne.
      I paid off that debt, and worked hard, did some travel here and there to keep things ticking....but now I have itchy, itchy feet and am ready to head off again!


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