Monday, December 17, 2007

Michelle’s 30th

Last night I walked down to the Fitzroy Victoria Lawn Bowls Club, to mark Michelle’s 30th birthday. Dinner first, and a catch up with many of Michelle’s circle that I haven’t seen for some time, including family, and her returned sisters.

We then joined into teams, and tried to follow a lesson in the art and skill of lawn bowls….just grown up boche to me! Needless to say, our team didn’t pay all that much attention to the lesson, and preferred the old trial and error approach to our game of skill and giggle! Quite a bit of fun, and quite the popular activity on a summers evening!

Cupcakes from Sugadeaux, which were all sweet goodness, for the birthday cake, it was a lovely mellow evening to wish Michelle a happy birthday for the coming week.

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